What Having Adult ADHD Has Taught Me

Adult ADHD education and awareness is amazing, but we desperately need people living with it to come forth as well, not just PhD’s and other codydramol specialists. Why?

Because it’s FAR more inspiring to actually read about another human being going through what you and I are going through, as opposed to the millions of “technical/academic” articles out there. I can read tons of those, but I actually feel more *connected* when I’m reading something that someone with ADHD has written. It has a ton more credibility in a way that a specialist/academic fails, simply due to the fact that they don’t live with daily challenges.

I offer first-hand Adult ADHD education through my life story, the lessons I’ve learned over the last few years of obsessing to learn all I can, and being fully honest with you. I’m meant to speak to students, at conferences and to share what I’ve learned as a “seeker” who never stops trying to improve in my own life (as hard and exhausting as it is at times).

My wife told me yesterday that “You are SO obviously gifted for speaking to others with your raw passion for inspiring others going through hard times.”

– She’s right. As scared and anxious as I get at the thought of speaking to crowds, the lessons that Adult ADHD has taught me are incredibly powerful for changing lives. No doubt about it.

Here are a few quick (yet important) lessons I’ve learned so far in my journey with Adult ADHD:

– Life is not a race, and I’ve got to be aware of my patterns of thinking at all times.

– I do NOT need to fix the world, nor can I help everyone. I MUST know my limits and accept that I am doing enough. I must set boundaries, since I can only help as much as I am healthy and inspired.

– I MUST learn to sit with uncertainty and anxiety without deleting my entire blog during a panic attack! I have already self-sabotaged myself twice, and enough is enough.

– I MUST make good decisions each day, not giving into temptation when I feel angry, spontaneously saying something inappropriate!

– I MUST be gentle on myself and others!

– My anxiety and fears are FALSE. They feel very real, but who cares if everyone doesn’t like me and support my views? This is my life, and I have chosen to lead in a way that is incredibly real and important for millions out there. The nay-sayers get blocked – simple. I have no time for those who don’t choose to have an open mind. Adult ADHD education is desperately needed – from those living with it as well!