Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Design

When decorating a room or planning for a party, most people consider the color palette, furniture layout, and music. However, even when all those other important aspects of design are considered, bad lighting can turn an otherwise nice space into a social deadzone. Thank you for your interest Harsh lighting can transform attractive guests into garish zombies, or create an ambiance that’s all wrong for your occasion.

Creating excellent lighting design doesn’t have to be a chore, especially with all the great resources out there. We’ve compiled only the best articles on interior and outdoor lighting to get you started.

Indoor Lighting

Lights Out?: Here you’ll find a good resource for choosing lighting that is both environmentally friendly and design conscious. Click here for more information It’s written by Remodeling magazine, which has many other helpful lighting and design articles.

Lighting Your Home: The American Lighting Association has guidelines for lighting every room in your home. office fit out melbourne There are useful hints for selecting hanging and wall fixtures.
DIY Lighting Projects: Design Sponge, an excellent, down-to-earth design blog has some low-cost ways to transform the lighting in your home. Beautiful pictures accompany each project, so you know what to expect.
Energy Savers: The U.S. Department of Energy puts its design hat on and shows consumers how to get energy-conscious, ambiance-friendly lighting. The site has tips for both indoor and outdoor settings.
Residential Lighting: Even academia is interested in what exactly makes good lighting. Rensellaer Polytechnic Institute’s Lighting Research Center has many articles on creating excellent lighting design.

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What to Look for in Classic Bedding

Classic bedding really gives you an air of luxury. A very high thread count can be quite expensive so this means you may want to pick a color and style that is really going to outlast you carpet flood damage Melbourne. This can be one of the most comfortable pieces in your room and it should be something that really welcomes it into the space.

Depending on the room that you are using this in it can really have a little bit of a theme to it or even really drive home the existing theme. For instance classic sports bedding is perfect for a teenager or small boy. You can find the logo of your favorite team to bring in bright colors that are very familiar. Another option would be just go with a basic sports theme about basketball, football, soccer, or baseball. One thing that is very important is that you do want to use the literal colors. You really don’t want to change things up. Basketballs are orange so it should be orange. If you are going with a baseball team then it should be white with red threads. This is really what is going to give it that enduring design style.

One thing that you do consider is pattern. Of course a damask print has an elegant kind of air to it and has usually been popular in some form. In this case you should keep it quite subdued and also look for a neutral color. This is a way to add interest to the room but still get that enduring design style.

It may just be a lot easier to go with a basic solid color. One of the most basic colors is a white. They don’t call a linen sale a white sale for nothing it’s really always been very popular. You can get this look with a duvet cover or just buy a fluffy white down comforter. This can be the base for different bedding duvet covers in a variety of stripes and colors that you change depending on the seasons or the overall look of the room, or you can just leave it plain. In fact just to protect your investment you might want to get a cover even if you like the clean look. They can be very helpful to just have a piece of material that you can take off and wash without tons of effort.

This is really going to depend on the application. For instance classic crib bedding is going to have a lot of color to it. This sticks with the pink is for girls blue is for boys kind of motif. They can incorporate a lot of different stripes and solids or even a heart kind of fabric. Look for a floral prints for girls. The other thing that want to watch out for boys is primary colors. Bring in a red, yellow, and blue. These need to be very true colors instead of just going with a more trendy version. This way you can bring in all different kinds of motifs that will coordinate together.

You might want to go for a retro inspired print because this is going to bring in a lot of fun and oranges and browns. It might use a very traditional fabric for a child such as a cotton. These vintage inspired prints can have a modern and contemporary effect to them, but it still has a little bit of nostalgia to it.

Another thing that you want to consider is how the bedding really goes with a sheet set. This could all be the same color or you could just go for a chic look that has a white background that will relate to the comforter but then you can also bring in an accent color such as pink or green. These twigs, ferns, or cherry blossom can be very modern feeling. It’s not really going to make a huge statement but it will lend a little bit of pattern to your room with classic colors and more of a warmer look. You want to stay away from very graphic elements which becomes very modern.

Pay attention to scale. You might want to go with smaller print simply because this is going to be more relatable. Just when something isn’t so in your face it’s very easy to take it in a lot of different directions. This doesn’t really make a statement but it does lend an air of welcoming to it because it’s something that you have seen before. You really don’t have to be different in every single kind of design direction that you choose to go in.

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